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SFC's ACT, 1951
Citizen Charter






To extend financial assistance to MSME and service sector enterprises in the small and medium scale in National Capital Territory of Delhi and Union Territory of Chandigarh.


To become a leader for catering to the financial and developmental needs of the MSME sector to make it robust and competitive. To position DFC as a customer-friendly institution and a house hold name in NCT of Delhi and UT of Chandigarh.


"To facilitate credit flow to MSMEs for promotion, development and economic growth of this sector”

Scope of Activities

The Corporation extends financial assistance to micro, small and medium scale industries, service sector industries and commercial transport sector in National Capital Territory of Delhi and Union Territories of Chandigarh.  Focus of the Corporation is social objective i.e. poverty alleviation, employment generation, creating opportunity for self employment, relocation of industries, cleaning environment and encouraging first generation entrepreneurs. Corporation makes available finance for all activities which are permitted under SFC's Act or as approved by the SIDBI/State Govt.




1.   The Corporation is authorized under provision of SFC’s Act, 1951 to carry on and transact any of the following kinds of business, namely:-

                (a) Guaranteeing , on such terms  and conditions as may be  agreed   upon,-


(i)  Loan raised by industrial concerns which are repayable within a period not   exceeding twenty years, and is floated in the public market;

(ii) Loan raised by industrial concerns from scheduled banks or State co-operative banks or other financial institutions;


(b) Guaranteeing, on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon, deferred payments due from any industrial concern in connection with its purchase of capital goods within India;


(c) Underwriting of the issue of stock, shares, bonds or debentures by industrial concerns;


(d) Transferring for consideration any instruments relating to loans and advances granted by it to industrial concerns;


(e)  Acting as agent of  the Central Government or the State Government or  the Development Bank or the Small Industries Bank or the IFCI Limited formed and registered under the companies  Act, 1956, or any other Financial institution  notified in this behalf by the Central Government in respect of  any matter connected with , or arising out of, the grant of loans or advances to an industrial concern, or subscription to debentures of an  industrial concern or relating  to the  business of the Development Bank, Small Industrial Bank, IFCIL Limited or  financial institution;


(f)   Subscribing to or purchasing of, the stock, shares, bonds or debentures of an industrial concern or any other concern;


(g) Retaining as part of its assets any stock, shares, bonds or debentures which it may acquire by subscription  or in fulfilment of its underwriting liabilities and disposing of the stock, shares, bonds or debentures so acquired.


(h) Granting loans or advances to , or subscribing to debentures, of an industrial concern, repayable within a period not exceeding twenty years from the date on which they are granted or subscribed to , as the case may be :


PROVIDED that the Financial Corporation may, with the prior approval of the Small Industries Bank, exceed the said limit of twenty years up to a further period of ten years:


PROVIDED FURLTHER that nothing contained in this clause shall be deemed to preclude the Financial Corporation from granting loans or advances to, or subscribing to debentures of, and industrial concern to which may be attached an option to convert such debentures or loans into stock or shares of the industrial concern:


PROVIDED ALSO that the Financial Corporation may , in the exercise of such option, convert the amounts outstanding on such debentures or loans into  stock or shares of the industrial concern if such concern  increases its subscribed capital by the issue of further  stock or shares in accordance with the subject to, the provisions of s.81 of the Companies Act, 1956


Explanation: In this clause, the expression “the amounts outstanding on such debentures or loans “shall mean the principal, interest and other charges payable on such  debentures or loans as at the time when  the amounts are sought to be converted into stock or shares.

(i) accepting or discounting promissory  notes and bills of exchange made, drawn, accepted or endorsed  by industrial concerns or by the any person selling capital goods manufactures by one industrial concern to another industrial concern.


(j) undertaking research and surveys for evaluating or dealing with marketing or investments or undertaking and carrying on techno-economic studies or other activities in connection with the development of any industry;


(k) providing technical and administrative assistance to any industrial concern or any person for the promotion , management or expansion of any industry;


(l) planning and assisting  in the promotion and development of industries;

(m) providing consultancy and merchant banking  services


(n) acting as the trustee for the holders of debentures or other securities;


(o) leasing, sub-leasing or giving on hire or hire-purchase of industrial plant, equipment, machinery or any other assets;


(p) factoring


(q) providing export related credit and service;


(r) undertaking money market related activities;


(s) setting up of mutual funds and undertaking asset management activity;


(t) promoting, forming or conducting or assisting in the promotion, formation , or conduct of companies, subsidiaries, societies, trusts or such other associations of persons as it may deem fit;


(u) opening or confirming or endorsing letters of credit  and negotiating  or collecting bills and other documents drawn there under;


(v) doing such other  business as the Small  Industries bank may authorize, and or generally the doing of such acts and things as may be incidental to or consequential upon , the exercise of its powers or the discharge of its duties under this act.


Activities Eligible for Financing under Section 2 C of the SFC’s  Act 1951

“industrial concern” means any concern engaged or to be engaged in:-

I.                 The manufacture, preservation or processing of goods;

II.                Mining or developments of mines;

III.              The hotel industries;

IV.             The transportation of passengers or goods by roads or by water or by air or by ropeway or by lift;

V.               The generation and distribution of electricity or any other form of power;

VI.             The maintenance, repair, testing or servicing of machinery of any description or vehicle, or vessels or motor boats or trailers or tractors;

VII.            Assembling, repairing or packing any article with the aid of machinery or power;

VIII.           The setting up or development of an Industrial area or Industrial estate;

IX.             Fishing or providing shore facilities for fishing or maintenance there of.

X.               Providing weigh bridge facilities;

XI.             Providing engineering, technical , financial , management , marketing or other services or facilities for industry;

XII.            Providing medical , health or other allied services;

XIII.           Providing software or hardware services relating to information technology, telecommunication or electronics including satellite linkage and audio or visual cable communication;

XIV.          Setting up all development of tourism related facilities including Amusements Parks, Convention Centre, restaurant, Travel and transport ( including those at airports), Tourist Service agencies and guidance and counselling services to the tourist;

XV.           Construction;

XVI.          Development, maintenance and construction of roads;

XVII.        Providing commercial complex facilities and community centre including conference halls.

XVIII.       Floriculture;

XIX.          Tissue culture, fish culture, poultry farming , breeding and hatcheries;

XX.           Service industry such altering, ornamenting, polishing, finishing, oiling, washing, cleaning or otherwise treating or  adopting any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport, delivery or disposal;

XXI.          Research and development of any concept technology, design, process or product  whether in relation to any of the matter aforesaid, including any activities approved by the Small Industries Bank; or

XXII.        Such other activity as may be approved by the Small Industries Bank;


Note: - The industries as mentioned in prohibited / negative list of industries circulated by the GNCT of Delhi and Chandigarh are not eligible for financing.


Rs. 10.00 Crore for companies and co-operative societies

Rs. 4.00 Crore for proprietorship and partnership firm

Industrial Units / Service Sector Enterprises where share capital & free reserves do not exceed Rs. 30.00 Crores are eligible to avail loans.


1.         The Corporation has adopted fixed interest rate regime and the interest is charged on reducing balance basis.  The prevailing interest rate is @ 12% p.a.  DFC also grants rebate of @ 0.75% p.a.  in interest rate in the following cases:


a)   Units which have been rated among the top three credit ratings given by CRISIL/ ICRA/ SMERA/ CARE/ FITTCH and the credit rating given by the agency is valid on the date of application.

b)   The existing borrowers of the Corporation who were standard asset during the last three years.

c)   The past clients of the Corporation whose loan remained standard during the tenure of loan.

d)   Any other deserving case as decided by the CMD.


The rate of interest of @ 12% p.a. proposed shall be bench mark rate for internal credit scoring and rating model (CSRM) to be implemented by the corporation for all cases except case covered under Assets based financing and transport.


2.         Additional interest @ 1.75% p.a. is charged on the defaulted amount and for the period of default. Any change in the rate of interest at the time of first disbursement on the directives of the RBI/SIDBI/DFC will be applicable even if the loan has been sanctioned and mortgage/Hypothecation deed has been executed earlier.


3.         Interest is charged on EMI/ quarterly basis depending upon the scheme of financing.  Further, during the moratorium period, interest is charged and recovered on monthly/ quarterly basis as per the financing scheme.


4.         The repayment of loan availed by borrower (disbursed amount and not sanctioned amount) is recoverable along with normal interest charged on daily product basis and additional interest in case of delay.




In the event of pre-payment / fore – closure of the loan, the borrower is liable to pay the pre-payment charges @ 2% of outstanding principal amount.



The Processing fee at uniform rate of @ 0.5% of the loan amount + (applicable taxes in any) in all cases. However the borrower will have to bear all other misc. expenses as is required to process the case further i.e. the expenses on account of valuation of properties, advocate fee on account of title search and inspection cost etc.



The corporation finances all manufacturing activities and service sector activities permissible under the Master Plan of Delhi/ Chandigarh and in consonance with the Industrial Policy of Delhi Government /Chandigarh Administration. Entrepreneurs are welcome to get finance for setting up hospital, nursing homes, diagnostic centres, tourism related activities, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, hi-tech electronics/ software industries apart from a host of service sector activities like boutiques, beauty parlours, health centres, etc. in line with the requirements of metropolitan character of Delhi/ Chandigarh.


The Corporation offers various schemes catering to needs of all categories of entrepreneurs, who may be from weaker section of society or under any special category or a general category.


For loans under General Scheme/SRTO/Relocation/Business Loan/Working Capital Scheme etc:-

i)              Application Forms in respect of all above financing schemes of the Corporation are available at DFC’s Head Office and Branch office Chandigarh from 11.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on any working day.

ii)             Assistance will be provided to fill up the form by Dy. Manager / Manager of the concerned division from 11.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on any working day or at phone Nos. 011-28525035-39, 0172-2652738-39.

iii)           For guidance and further details please contact the dealing Managers/Asstt. General Managers/Dy. General managers at telephone Numbers (HO) 011-28525035-39 and branch office Chandigarh (2652738-39)



Duly filled-up loan application forms, along with documents as per the checklist provided in application forms, are accepted by the Nodal officers in the concerned Divisions (Industrial Loan, Transport Loan and Relocation Loan Divisions) after due scrutiny.

The time period for sanction of loan is as under:-

Loans up to Rs.2.00 lakh: 21 working days from the date of compliance of all required formalities (by the borrower and DFC) for sanction and categorization of the case.


Loans above Rs.2.00 lakh and up to Rs.5.00 lakh: 30 working days from the date of compliance of all required formalities (by the borrower and DFC) for sanction and categorization of the case.


Loan proposal to be placed in SLC/IC: 40 working days from the date of compliance of all required formalities (by the borrower and DFC) for sanction and categorization of the case.


Loan case to be placed in EC/Board:  90 working days from the date of compliance of all required formalities (by the borrower and DFC) for sanction and categorization of the case.


The Legal Officer of the Corporation carries out scrutiny of the legal papers (collateral security) submitted by the party simultaneously at pre-sanction stage. The papers of collateral security is got searched by panel advocate (if required) of corporation. After establishment of clear marketable title, the market value of the property is also got valued by panel valuer (if required) of the Corporation. ROC search is also required in company cases. The Legal Officer finalizes the various documents for execution in the case.


The loan is disbursed after the party complies with all the conditions as per sanction letter / executed documents. The industrial loans are released in phases in proportion to the investment brought in by the promoter in the project while in case of transport loans, the loan is released after the promoter has arranged/invested entire equity.


The process of disbursement of the loan is completed within the time frame as under:


- First disbursement:  In all loan cases the first disbursement would be made within 4 working days after compliance of all formalities including legal documentation and terms & conditions of sanction letter.


- Closure of Loan Application:  The letters are issued to the applicants for submission of required documents within 21 working days, failing which the loan application shall be closed.


The process of recovery will be as per SFC Act 1951 and “No Due Certificate” along with documents will be issued within 21 working days after clearance of entire loan.





Schemes Provided to the Clients  

Sl. No


Details of the Scheme




General Scheme for new or existing unit:


Small Scale Industries, service sector activities and naturally growing small scale units to medium scale can avail the loan for acquisition of land, construction of building, plant and machinery, pre-operatives and other assets.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for Financing of Land & Building under Relocation:



Financial assistance to the entrepreneurs for financing the cost of land and construction of factory building on land allotted by DSIIDC under relocation Scheme of the Govt. of NCT Delhi.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Business Loan Scheme:


For proposed expenditure like installation of power connection, reconditioning of existing machinery, shifting expenses, renovation of building, working capital etc.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Equipment Finance Scheme:


For acquisition of machinery / equipment, both indigenous and imported including modernization / technology up-gradation, expansion and diversification and quality Improvements.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Technology Development & Modernization for SSI Units (STDM):

To modernize their production facilities and adopt improved and updated technology so as to strengthen their manufacturing facilities


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Single Window Scheme: 



To meet need based term loan and working capital requirement.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Special Scheme for Loans to Schedule Castes/Tribes:


Loan assistance is provided for acquisition of plant, machinery and equipments.  Persons desiring to set up industries for production of domestic consumer products, industrial items, import substitution items, items for export / defence, workshops and service industries are normally eligible for loan assistance under the scheme.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme For Financial Assistance For Purchase of DDA Built Up Shop/ Booth/ Kiosk/ Office:



For acquisition of constructed shops allotted by government land managing authorities (DDA/MCD/NDMC) etc. pre-operatives and other assets by the Successful bidder whose gross total income is at least two times or more than the annual EMI liability of loan


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Small Road Transport Operators (SRTO) Scheme:


For acquiring new passengers (including TSR, City Taxi, Radio Taxi) / commercial vehicles and for meeting initial taxes / insurance / registration etc.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Household Scheme:


Proprietary or family partnership units employing not more than 5 persons in a space of about 300 sq.ft. With power load of 5 KW in residential area (for selected 112 Household industries as approved in Delhi Master Plan 2021).


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for Physically Challenged:



Independent or partnership with one partner physically challenged (having more than 60% share or units with 25% physically challenged employee).


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Composite Loan: 


Purchase of work-shed machinery & working capital by artisans for village & Cottage Industries


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Marketing Support to Small Scale Industries, Cottage & Village Industries:

For purchase of mobile sales vans (upto 6  vehicles) as per proposal supported by KVIC or for setting up of Sales outlets


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Acquisition of ISO-9000 series certification:

By existing profit making SSI units can be financed for costs of acquiring equipments & expenses towards consultancy/documentation etc.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Textile Industry under technology up-gradation (TUFs):

For any new or existing unit for acquiring equipments


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Short term working capital (STWC):


For existing profit making SSI units to meet short term working capital requirements


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Working capital term loan (WCTL):

For existing profit making SSI units to meet need based working capital


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for the allottees of warehousing plots by DDA / DAMB:

For acquisition of warehousing plots allotted by DDA / DAMB.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for the allottees of Plots of Paper Merchants:

For acquisition of Plots allotted by DDA/DSIIDC/MCD.


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for Restaurants, Hotels, Amusement Pat & Other Tourism related activities:


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for Hospitals / Nursing Home / Clinics / Diagnostic Centre etc & for Purchase of Medical Equipments:


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Scheme for Commercial Complex, Multiplex & Other Commercial Construction activities:


Promoters Contribution: Minimum 20% for loan amount.




Loan Against Mortgage Property (LMP)

Term Loan to existing MSMEs in manufacturing and service sector for business purposes.





Micro Finance Institution Loan Scheme [MFILS]


The financial assistance in the form of term loan is provided to MFIs to create a national network of strong, viable and sustainable Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) from the informal and formal financial sector to provide micro finance services to poor, especially women.





In accordance with the direction of RBI/ Govt. of India, the Corporation has implemented the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) norms, “Anti Money Laundering” (AML) Standard by obtaining photocopy of address proof and identity proof details of which are given hereunder.




 i) Passport, voter I.D, Driving License, Employer’s letter, Salary Slip 

 ii) PAN Card, Aadhaar No. etc.


Correct permanent address will be verified from Telephone Bill, Bank Account, Statement, Electricity Bill, Letter from employer (subject to satisfaction of  The corporation)  National Population Registration Number etc.

In the case of company certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association, Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and identification of those to operate the account, Power of Attorney for transacting business, Copy of PAN / telephone bill are required.

In the case of Partnership Firms registration certificate Form ‘A’ & ’B’ and Partnership deed along with other documents as above are required.

In the case of Trusts & foundations similar documents as applicable are required.

AML STANDARDS:  AML standard are satisfied as per the RBI guidelines.


Senior Officers of the Corporation regularly interact with the borrowers and representative associations of entrepreneurs to know their problems and try to re-orient Corporations' policies befitting to the changing environment. Executive Director / General Manager / Dy. General Manager / Manager acts as the Nodal Officer of 'Public Grievance Cell’, which handles the grievances of the entrepreneurs by directing necessary remedial actions. All senior officers like, DGMs, AGMs and Managers hear the public grievances between 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon on all working days and time bound directions are issued to various officials for taking remedial measures.


The Corporation disseminates information to any citizen who wishes to obtain such information under Right to Information Act. The information dissemination authorities are as under:


1)         Appellate Authority under RTI Act-2005

Executive Director – Sh. Hemant Kumar, IAS


2)         Public Information Officer under RTI Act-2005

 GM/DGM/AGM - (PIO) Sh. S. K. Agarwal


3)         Assistant Public Information Officer under RTI Act-2005

Manager - (APIO) – Sh. Shobhit Mailk

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