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Minimum Requirements

Fifteen or more persons having attained the age of 18 years

who are residing in the area of operation of the society could form a Registered Cooperative Society. The norms have been prescribed by the O/O RCS, Delhi for registration of new societies which are given below in the form of a statement and are to be followed by the promoters while organizing a new society. The procedure for formation of co-operative society starts by electing a Chief Promoter by other promoter members by holding a General Body Meeting of such promoters authorizing him to sign necessary papers and submitting them in the O/o RCS. In Delhi, the present norms for formation of different kinds of societies are as under :-

Sl.No. Category of Society No. of minimum membership Minimum share capital to be raised (in Rs.) Area of operation
1. Urban Bank 3000 4 crores N.C.T. of Delhi
2. Urban Credit Societies

(a) Salary Earner T/C Society 50 50000/- Office/Establishment
(b) Urban credit (General) 50 Rs. Two Lakh N.C.T. of Delhi
3. Consumer Store 100 Rs. One Lakh District
4. Industrial (P) Cooperative Society 15 Rs. One Lakh District
Handloom Coop. Indl Society 15 25000/- District
Leather Coop. Indl Society 15 -do- District
Women Coop. Indl Society 15 -do- District
Other weaker sections society 15 -do- District
5. Indl. Services society 15 50000/- District
6. Group Housing/ House Building Society 60 60000/- N.C.T. of Delhi
7. Agriculture service/credit society 50 25000/- Rural villages
8. Dairy, poultry, piggery society 15 25000/- Rural villages
9. Transport society 15 1,50,000/- N.C.T. of Delhi
10. Labour 15 50,000/- N.C.T. of Delhi

Security Service Society,

tourism society, Health Care, Water Harvesting

society, Environment Protection Society

15 50000/- N.C.T. of Delhi
12. Integrated Development Society 15 50000/- N.C.T. of Delhi

Multiporpose Society for slum dwellers

30  3000/- N.C.T. of Delhi
Source: Notification No.: F.37/(Policy)/RCS/142-150 dt. 19-10-2007

For detailed guidelines, it is suggested to see "Guidelines for organising/registration of cooperative societies in N.C.T. of Delhi" available at the Delhi State Cooperative Union Ltd., at the following address :-

The Chief Executive Officer,
Delhi State Cooperative Union Ltd.,
31, Netaji Subhash Marg, Darya Ganj,
New Delhi - 110 002
Tel No. 23265863, 23259058

The form of Application for registration of Cooprative Society in the NCT of Delhi can be obtained from the above mentioned address from 10:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M on all Working days (except Saturday, Sunday & Gazetted holiday) or can be DOWNLOADED ( Word Format / PDF Format)

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