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Application for grant of permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle

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1 Form No.1: Self declaration of Medical fitness.
2 Form No.1 A : Medical certificate –It is required in case of commercial licenses.
3 Form No.2 :    Application for learner license with pass port size photo graph.
4 Form No.3 :    Learner license form with photographs.
5 Form No.4:     Permanent Driving License
6 Form No.9:     Renewal of Driving license
7 Form No.20:   Form for Registration of a Vehicle
8 Form No.25   Renewal of Certificate of Registration of a Moter Vehicle,Other than Transport Vehicle
9 Form No.26:   Issue of Duplicate Certificate of Registration
10 Form No.27:   Form Of Assignment of New Registration Mark on removal of a vehicle to another state
11 Form No.28:   Application for Grant of N.O.C.
12 Form No.29:   Transfer of Ownership of a vehicle
13 Form No.30:   Form for intimation and transfer of ownership of vehicle
14 Form No 33  Intimation of Change of Address Reorded in the Certificate of Registration
15 Form No.34:   Making an entry of agreement of Hire/Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation subsequent to registration
16 Form No.35:   Notice of termination of Hire/Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation
17 Form No.46:   Application for grant of authorization for Tourist Vehicle or National Permit

Form No.47:   Application for authorization for Tourist Vehicle or National Permit 


P.G.A        :   Application for a goods carrier permit

19 Form No.48:   Application for grant of National Permit
20 Form No 4-A Application for issue international driving permit
21 FORM          L.L.D
22 Form            Applcation format for Badge
23 Form PCA   Application for Interstate Contract Carriage Permit(P.C.A)
24 Form PRA   Application for Renewal of Permit or Counter signature(P.R.A)
25 Form 45   Application for grant of permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle 
26 Form for replacement of vehicle on permit
27 Form P.D.P - Duplicate Permit
28 Form PSP - Deposit of Permit
29 Form P.R.A - Renewal of permit countersignature
30 Form P.TEM.A - Temporary Permit
31 Form P.G.A - Goods Carrier Permit
32 Form P.C.A - Contract Carriage Permit
33 Form P.ST.A - Stage Carriage Permit
34 Form P.D.W.T. - Transfer of Permit
35  Common Carriers under the Carriage by Road Act 2007
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