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Q. What are the Road Tax rates for different types of vehicles?

Ans. Tax rates for Pvt./Non Commercial vehicles as  per Copy of Notification Attached.

Tax Rate for Commercial Passenger vehicles.

Type of Passenger Vehicles Amount in Rs./year

Not more than 2 excluding driver


More than 2 & Upto 4 exc. Driver & Conductor.


More than 4 & Upto 6 exc. Driver & Conductor.


More than 6 & Upto18 exc. Driver & Conductor.


More than 18 & above exc. Driver & Conductor.

1,915.00+ @ 280/- per passenger.

For Air Lines or staff vehicles the rates are same as above of Commercial passengers vehicles.

Tax Rate for Commercial Goods vehicles

Loading capacity of Goods vehicles Road Tax in Rs./year

Less than 1 Tonne


More than 1 Tonne & less then 2 Tonne


More than 2 Tonneb & less then 4 Tonne


More than 4 Tonneb & less then 6 Tonne


More than 6 Tonne & less then 8 Tonne


More than 8 Tonne & less then 9 Tonne


More than 9 Tonne & less then 10 Tonne


More than 10 Tonne & above

3,790.00 + Rs.470/- per Tonne

For Trailers

Additional of 10 Tonne + less 2 Tonne of trailer

3,790.00 +@ Rs.470/-per Tonne + Rs.465/-

Additional of 10 Tonne + more than 2 Tonne of trailers

3,790.00 +@ Rs.470/-per Tonne + Rs.925/-

The Road Tax of trailer is charged along with its corresponding registered vehicle only.


For Diesel Propelled  Vehicles 25% of the Applicable Tax will be Charged Extra.

Tax Rate for Autos/Taxies

  1. Auto Rickshaw Rs.305/- per annum
  2. Taxies Rs.605/- per annum
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