State Child Protection Unit
Provisions under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000
Monitoring Mechanism under the JJ Act, 2000
Introduction to Child Protection Unit

Programs for Children in need of Care & Protection and Juvenile in Conflict with Law under the Department of Women and Child Development

Integrated Child Protection Scheme

The pioneering ‘Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)’ was launched by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India in the year 2009 which is being implemented in a mission mode by the State. It aims to provide a protective environment for all the children in order to enable them to develop into responsible individuals. It functions as a Government-Civil Society Partnership Scheme under the overreaching direction and responsibility of the Central and State Governments.

The Scheme is primarily an integration of components of three existing Schemes: 

  • A Programme for Juvenile Justice. 
  • An Integrated Programme for Street Children (including Childline Services). 
  • Scheme of Assistance to Homes (Shishu Greh) for children to promote in-country adoption. 

Child Protection:-

The cardinal principles of the Scheme: 

  1. Protection of Child Rights. 
  2. Best Interest of the Child. 

Objectives of the Scheme

  • To ensure inter sectoral response at all levels. 
  • To institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures. 
  • To enhance capacities at all levels. 
  • To raise public awareness. 
  • To strengthen child protection at family and community level. 
  • To create database and knowledge base for child protection services. 

The Department of Women and Child Development in its endeavor to take up the responsibility for care & protection of children in difficult circumstances has adopted multifold approach towards providing services and infrastructure for different categories of children. 


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