Information Facilitation Counter
Information Facilitation Counter



An Information Facilitation Counter has been set up in the Duty Officer’s Room of Anti Corruption Branch vide this office order No.895-919/SO/ACB dated 26.03.2007 in compliance of order No. F.4/47/06/AR (Part File)/CS/964 dated 05.03.2007 of Chief Secretary, GNCT of Delhi. The Duty Officer is designated as Information Facilitation Officer. Thus the Information Facilitation Counter will be manned by Duty Officer of Anti Corruption Branch. He will perform this duty in addition to his routine duties of a D.O.


In order to implement the report on ‘Social Audit of Public Services’, conducted by the Public Affairs Foundations, Bangalore, a Committee was constituted by the Govt. of Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Sh. S. Regunathan, former Chief Secretary, Delhi & Consultant, IIPA to look into the various shortcomings and suggest remedial action.

The Committee submitted its report and highlighted some specific trends in the general dissatisfaction of the public which include rude and indifferent behaviour of officials, lack of guidance and information at the office premises, presence of touts and middlemen and frequent trips needed to get work done.

In order to overcome such problems the committee suggested the setting up of an ‘Information Facilitation Counter’ which should provide information to the Citizens’/Clients’ about the basic information relating to delivery of services as well as status of cases, applications etc


Officer manning the Information Facilitation Counter, i.e. Information Facilitation Officer ( IFO ) should be able to provide basic information about functioning of ACB, Information under Right to Information Act, and whom to approach for redressal of grievances, concerning corruption or harassment in public offices etc.

While attending to the visitors, he shall follow the following guidelines:-

I. IFO shall behave politely, extend necessary courtesies to the visitors and make them feel comfortable and an honoured guest.


Generally a visitor/citizen may approach Anti Corruption Branch for the following purposes:-
 a)To know functioning of AC Branch.
 b)For getting a raid organized to catch a Govt. servant red handed, while taking bribe.
 c)For giving written complaints against corruption or harassment in a Govt. office.
 d)For knowing the status of their cases/complaints.
 e)For getting information under Right to Information Act.
 f)Names and Contact Numbers of CVO of different Organizations.
 g)Name, Address and Contact Numbers of Vigilance Officers of different department of Delhi Govt.
 h)Name and Contact number of HOD of Delhi Govt. offices etc.

The following instructions are hereby issued for guidance of IFO and strict compliance:-

(a) For the guidance on functioning of A.C. Branch:-

In case a visitor wants to know about the functions of AC Branch, the Information Facilitation Officer should inform him as follows:-
(i) He should brief him about the Citizen’s Charter of ACB/DOV. The Citizen Charter of ACB is as follows:-
To minimize corruption in public life.
Identification of corrupt Govt. officials.
Surveillance over sensitive departments.
Create awareness against corruption.


The visitor shall also be informed that in case there is a specific complaint about the demand of bribe by any official of any department working in the Territory of Delhi, ACB will lay a trap to catch the official red handed. The complainant is supposed to bring the bribe money for trap. The procedure for laying trap should not be explained to the visitor at this stage, as it will be told to him by senior officers or the raid officer only when he approaches for actually laying the trap.
ACB conducts enquiry into the allegations of corruption against officials of all departments of GNCT of Delhi and in case the allegation of corruption are substantiated, a criminal case under appropriate section of POC Act will be registered and investigated and culprits will be brought to book. However, if after enquiry only administrative lapses are substantiated, then Regular Departmental Action is recommended against the guilty.
It collects intelligence about the corrupt activities in various Govt. departments and takes further action, as per law.
Creates awareness in public against corruption – by organizing Vigilance Awareness Week.

(b) For getting a raid organized:-

If the visitor informs that he has come for a raid for catching a corrupt official red handed, then no further questions should be asked from him about the department or the name of suspect official. IFO should tell the complainant that in such a case he will be heard by senior officers. He should be immediately produced before Jt. CP or D.C.P/AC Branch who ever is available in the office. In case they are not available, the complainant should be produced before ACP/SHO/AC Branch. Instructions can also be taken from Jt. CP / D.C.P. on phone. Jt. CP/DCP/ACP/SHO, who ever deals with him, will then listen to him carefully, plan the raid and hand him over to the raid officer for laying the trap.

(c) For giving written complaints on corruption :-

If a visitor wants to know the procedure for filing a written complaint against corruption, he should be informed as follows:-
( i ) A written complaint against corruption can be sent by post to the office of Jt. Commissioner of Police, Anti Corruption Branch, at the following       addresses:-

     (a) Post Box No.8610, New Delhi
     (b) By Email address, Email address of the ACB is as follows:-
          Email Address:-
     (c) By fax at No. 23890329.

The written complaint can also be handed over to the Duty Officer, who will acknowledge it in the duplicate copy and hand over the original complaint to the General Diarist/ACB for further action.
The visitor can also be advised to contact the Special Commissioner of Police, Dy. Commissioners of Police and Asstt. Commissioners of Police if necessary, on their office and residential telephone Nos. given below:-

SpI. CP/ACB Sh. S.K Gautam, IPS ( O ) 23812916 ( R ) 8130099010

Addl. CP/ACB Sh. Mahesh Bhardwaj, IPS ( O ) 23812907 ( R ) 8130099091

DCP/ACB Sh. B.L.Suresh  ( O ) 23812912 ( R ) 8130099092

ACP/ACB Sh. Subodh Kumar ( O ) 23812923 ( R ) 9891002459

(These telephone numbers should be corrected whenever officers are transferred and new officers join ACB. )

In case the visitor has the complaint regarding only harassment or non action by concerned officials of any deptt., and no demand of bribe, he may be advised to meet the Head of Office, or Head of Deptt. or Vigilance Officer of the concerned department. In such a case, he should be informed the location of their offices and provided with necessary phone Nos. If complainant is still not satisfied, he should be produced before DCP or Jt. CP for listening to his complaint and guidance.

(d) For knowing the status of cases/complaints

In case a visitor wants to know the status of the complaint or case filed by him, following action should be taken immediately:-
(i)S.O. Branch should be contacted to know the status of the complaint.
(ii)In case the enquiry into the complaint has been finalized, then the action taken and findings of the enquiry should be intimated to him.
(iii)In case it is pending with I.O, the I.O. should be called to Information Facilitation Counter. I.O. should be directed to brief him about the progress of the enquiry conducted and how much further time he will take to finalize it.
In the same manner the information should be provided about the progress of investigation of the cases.

(e) For getting information under Right to Information Act:-

If a visitor wants to obtain any specific information under RTI Act regarding ACB, the IFO should brief the visitor about the procedure for getting information under RTI Act. He should inform that DCP/Admn. ACB is the designated Public Information Officer ( P.I.O. ) under RTI Act for Anti Corruption Branch.
(i)An application should be addressed to P.I.O. ( Public Information Officer ) for seeking the desired information concerning ACB. The desired information should be clearly written in the application.
(ii)Application should be accompanied with a postal order or demand draft worth Rs. 10 . This money can also be deposited in cash along with the application.
(iii)The information so desired will be supplied to the applicant in 30 days, at the address given by him in the application.
(iv)In case the applicant is not satisfied with the information supplied by P.I.O., he can file an appeal before the Appellate Authority at the following address:-

Sh. S.P.Meena,
Deputy. Secretary, Vigilance,
Appellate Authority ( Under RTI Act, for ACB)
Directorate of Vigilance, 4th Level,
C-Wing, Players Building,
Delhi Secretariat, GNCT of Delhi.

(f,g,h) Names and address of CVOs, Vigilance Officers and HODs:-

In case a visitor wants to know about the name and office address / contact number of CVOs of different organizations or vigilance officers of different departments of Delhi Govt. and Head of the Deptt. of Delhi Govt., this information should be provided to him without any hesitation. For this purpose the following details should always be available with the Information Facilitation Counter:-
1.Names and Contact Numbers of CVO of different Organizations.
2.Name, Address and Contact Numbers of Vigilance Officers of different departments Govt. of Delhi.
3.Name and Contact number of Head Of Departments of various departments of Govt. of Delhi.
The current information regarding above is enclosed with the Standing Order. This information should also be updated regularly.

IIIMaintenance of Register:

The IFO shall maintain a register in which the name, contact No., address and information asked for by the visitor shall be entered. He will also make a short note in remarks column about the information imparted to the citizen.

The above directions should be complied with meticulously by all concerned in Anti Corruption Branch.

Sh. S.K Gautam) IPS,

No. /S.O. Branch /ACB, dated, Delhi,
The Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to the :-

1. The Director/Vigilance, Directorate of Vigilance, GNCT of Delhi for information please.
2. The Secretary, A.R. Department, GNCT of Delhi for information please.
3. SO to Jt. CP/ACB, GNCT of Delhi.
4. ACsP/Insprs./ACB, GNCT of Delhi.
5. SOs to DCsP/ACB, GNCT of Delhi.
6. Copy to be displayed in Duty Officer room / Information Facilitation Counter.

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